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We represent Africa’s vibrant free enterprise, developing technologies for small businesses and creating innovative products that increase exposure, customers and sales for our clients.



Since 2011 we have been paddling our own canoe; helping small businesses with internal and external communications strategies producing experiences tailored to their specific needs. That way helping them attract attention, drive traffic to their platforms, and build audiences.

Nairobi, Kenya is where we call home and is where most of our clients are but our scope of operation spans East African Community, its diaspora and overseas. PixelsKenya has ushered top brands into new ecosystems, helped many new businesses get off the ground, rebranded organizations, produced far reaching documentaries, animations among other things. We have served corporates, government, academia, SMEs and sole proprietors.

We breathe life into local nonprofits by giving them the right knowledge and professional communication tools so that they are able to promote themselves more effectively and increase awareness of their work.

Our vision is to be a globally recognized communication firm and the go to company for integrated communication solutions. Our future is about setting standards of business and entrepreneurial excellence through strict adherence to our core values, zero tolerance on bad design, upholding originality, uncompromising quality and outstanding creativity. As a privately owned, founder-led company, we’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way.

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a small elite team

We are part of a new generation of young entrepreneurs forgoing traditional career paths to exploit the power and potential of the digital age. Go to our Team page to learn more about our staff and board of directors.


what we do

Digital Communications

Web design and development
Mobile applications
Digital marketing/activations
Social media management
Data visualizations

Content Development

2D Animation
Film & Video production
Company profile writing

Brand strategy development

Logo and corporate identity
Business cards & letterheads
Brands standard guidelines
Web screen graphics
Event and trade show branding
Creative advertising campaigns
New business naming



Financial Sector Development Programme(FSDA)
Diakonia Sweden
Advocates for International Development
Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
University of Eldoret
Kenya Community Media Network
FinSmarts Consultancy
Ufadhili Trust
Storymoja Festival
Akiba Uhaki Foundation
Moi University
Estudio Camouflage
Sports Pesa
Hotel Comfy
Zinduka Festival
International Foundation for Electoral Systems
Kenya Natural Resources Alliance
Sealine Forwarders


The journey to quality starts with a struggle to crack a good idea


We learn what your goals are and what it will take to reach them. We define the objectives and generate a blueprint of how to achieve them. Then draft a technical and financial proposal complete with timelines and budget.

Getting it done

This phase is one of the most extensive and collaborative. This is where it all comes together.We complete a rough version e.g. untouched photos, unformatted writing, wireframes, etc. Agree on where the project is heading, incorporate revisions and feedback; complete a good copy. Quality control is done at this stage.

Terminal review

First we ensure the cheque clears 🙂 then we arrange a meeting to reflect on the project and the process with client, Identify opportunities for further engagement. Send a thank you note and ask the client to write us an honest review.

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