Increasingly we’re being invited by prospective clients to “pitch” for their project.  This isn’t the same as providing a quote or tendering for a job; this is where we’re being asked to create designs based on a written brief, to present to the client in the hope they’ll choose us.  This old-skool practice is usually known as a “creative pitch” or “speculative design” and we think it’s wrong.  Here we explain why.

So, when you ask us to do free work to win your project, don’t be offended when we say no.  We’re not just saying it because we’re lazy, or arrogant, or think we’re too important for all that.

We’re saying it because it’s not the right way to go about getting the best end result for you – the client.

Ok, so what’s the right way to go about it?

The answer lies in our portfolio.  Any decent agency should have a good selection of their work available to see online (and we do).  If you want to see something that’s relevant to your project and you can’t see it in our portfolio, please ask.  The portfolio is meant to give you an indicator as to the quality of our work.

As well as looking at the pictures, find out more about the background to the projects – which we have documented in case studies. 

Feel free to contact some of our clients and ask a few questions.  Did our designer understand the brief?  Did we provide useful and positive input and suggestions?  How did we deal with criticism?  Were we flexible?  Importantly, did our solution fulfil the client’s objectives?

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