Top 12 insider tips for finding a production company that will create the video your hotel deserves.

1. Production/Video Objectives
Be clear as to what you want to achieve with this hotel video. Is it to attract more corporate clients, families, holidaymakers or overseas guests? The more precise you can be with your objectives the better.

2. Choosing a Production Company
Shooting a video in a hotel requires particular skills, so for complete peace of mind, we recommend using a production company with hotel video production experience.

3. Video Content
The content of your video will be led by the objectives. Usually, the first video a hotel produces is an overview that runs for 2-3 minutes showing the entire hotel in summary. However, there will be aspects that you want to focus on in separate edits such as themed restaurants, lounges, MICE, the spa or food & beverage. If it’s us, we usually capture all the footage required for the overview and focus edits at the main shoot.

4. Models and Willing Staff
This can be a challenge depending on how you want to do it. It is great to have professional models, but often budget doesn’t allow. Hotels do have a great resource with their own staff so it would be a good idea to make use of them. For scenes such as afternoon tea, evening dinner, swimming in the pool etc you will need models that can be directed. When filming for a hotel we try to avoid using the same people repetitively. It’s easier if the hotel can get staff and hotel friends on board with incentives. For example, ask staff members to fill the bar on a Thursday evening for a free drink, shot or a tot or encourage a mother and daughter to be filmed having afternoon tea in return for a free afternoon tea.

5. Model Release Forms
Whether you employ professional models or use staff, family and friends you should ensure everyone signs a model release form. This is a standard document that you can download as a template online or ask us to send you our template for free.

6. Hotel Guests
What is your policy for hotel guest inclusion in photography and videos? Some hotels prefer to keep them out altogether, but without them, it can make the final production look cold. The logistics of shooting without guests in a shot, as you can imagine, is highly challenging. Your hotel is an active business and it is not feasible to shut it down for a video shoot. We find the best way to handle guests is to advise them that there is a shoot in progress allowing them to make their own decision whether or not to avoid the cameras. As long as guests are only in the background and are not the main item it shouldn’t be necessary to ask for permission. Our experience is that guests are usually very obliging as long as they are kept informed.

7. Storyboards
A good hotel video production company will want to prepare a storyboard for you prior to the shoot. This will give you an idea of the flow of the video scene by scene. What areas of the hotel are being covered, for how long and in what order. The storyboard is something you should be actively involved with, as it gives you and the hotel management a chance for input and sign off before the cameras start rolling.

10. Shoot Schedule
After the storyboard is agreed and the shoot dates are set the hotel video production company will prepare a shot list and schedule. They will need to work carefully with you on this to ensure everyone knows what they are doing and when.

11. Scene Preparation
There will be various scenes you want to shoot for the hotel video – pool area, evening dinner, kitchen preparation, spa treatments, guest arrival etc. To ensure the hotel is shown in its best light you will need the heads of each department to be fully bought into the video. They will need to make sure everything is looking perfect and in shape as well as assisting with the preparation of various scenes.

12. Marketing Your Hotel Video
Once you have a wonderful new hotel video production you need to show it off to the world. The video is a highly sharable medium which you will want to take full advantage of using email and social networking. As well as setting up your own YouTube channel you should look at other third party hotel portals where your video can be embedded. Perhaps holiday companies could use your video in their websites and online marketing. In the world of social media, it is important to always have something new to say. Could your video content be broken down into a series of short 30 second videos that you drip feed throughout the year? This is where video needs to be considered as part of a wider strategy where you recognize the highly engaging aspect of the medium and use it to exploit its full potential.

We hope you find this guide to a successful hotel video production useful and should you require further information or advice please feel free to Contact us

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